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Ever since the opening of the Wiener Rathauskeller in 1899, it has been considered the “home of good taste”. To live up to this title, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting Viennese cuisine. In our restaurant we hone it with contemporary trends and seasonal specialities. The restaurant is located in the neo-baroque Salon Ziehrer, which impresses with lavish carvings, silk wallpaper, gold covered panelling and mirrors.   And our kitchen philosophy is as down-to-earth as this space is magnificent. We epitomise naturalness, authenticity and regionality, and we show you Viennese cuisine at its best.   A responsibility for us and our environment is also a priority for us. We therefore make sure that we treat our resources with care and mainly use regional and seasonal ingredients from local producers. The following products are always organic and from Austria: Butter, milk, whipped cream, curd cheese, yoghurt, fresh eggs, roast joints and calf’s liver. Chicken and pork, potatoes, onion, yellow beets, carrots, cabbage, liquid egg as well as wine are sourced exclusively from Austria. And we also pay attention to the regionality and sustainable production of our other suppliers. We pay special attention to our roasts. The first mention of it can be found in a book from 1740. Roasts have been an integral part of Viennese cuisine since 1800, and they are now served in many ways. We serve 6 different roasts, including onion roast, baked roast and Esterházy roast. You can enjoy them after a visit to one of the many events, such as the Christmas market or the Wiener Eistraum ice rink on Vienna’s Rathausplatz, or for a business lunch or a romantic dinner. A visit to the restaurant in the Wiener Rathauskeller is always worth your while.

Take a look at our menu and plan your next visit to the Wiener Rathauskeller

Our monthly special

Wild garlic is the first herald of spring in the kitchen and in March you can enjoy it with tender lamb.  
  • Veganer Feta € 7,90

    mit Melonen-Paradeiser-Salat, Mizuna und gegrilltem Pitabrot A, F

  • Marinierter Couscous-Salat € 6,90

    mit Paradeiser, Paprika, gegrillem grünen Spargel und Avocadocreme-Topping A, F, G

  • Kalte Gurkensuppe € 4,90

    mit Dille G, L

  • Rote Linsensuppe € 5,80

    mit gegrilltem Pitabrot C, G, L

  • Steirische Klachelsuppe € 5,90

    mit Gemüsestreifen und Kren G, L, M

  • Gegrilltes Hühnerfilet € 14,90

    mit Zitronenbutter, Süßerdäpfel-Wedges, Sommersalat und Tsatsiki G, L, F

  • Sous vide vorgegarte Spareribs € 18,90

    mit hausgemachten Chips, Coleslaw und Knoblauchdip F, G, L

  • Gegrillter Rostbraten vom Bio Rind € 19,90

    mit Kräuterbutter, Grillgemüse und Pommes frites G, L

  • Erdäpfelpuffer vom Grill € 12,50

    mit Apfel-Radieschen-Baby Blattspinat-Salat A, C, G

  • Gegrilltes Kohlrabischnitzel € 14,90

    mit Kräuter-Birnen-Salat und Limettendip G, L

  • Zwiebelrostbraten vom Bio Rind € 17,90

    mit Röstzwiebel, Braterdäpfeln und Senfgurke A, G, L, M, O

  • Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb € 21,50

    mit Petersilerdäpfeln A, C, G, L, M

  • Kinderschnitzel vom Huhn € 7,90

    mit Pommes frites und Ketchup A, C, G, L

  • Leichte Mascarponecreme € 7,90

    mit frischen Erdbeeren und Granola A, C, G, H

  • Heidelbeer-Cheesecake € 4,90

    A, C, F, G, O

  • Veganes Schokomousse € 5,90

    mit Mango-Passionsfrucht-Spiegel F, H

  • Veganer Schokoladen-Cookie € 3,90

    hausgemacht A, F, H

Our opening hours:

We are open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Delicacies to take away

We also offer a selection of dishes for takeaway or delivery. They are also of the best quality and come in sustainable packaging. You can pre-order your take-away food over the phone. Or take have your food delivered directly to your home via Mjam or Lieferando.
Wiener Rathauskeller Genussgutschein

Giving away enjoyment


You can easily reserve your table online for up to 10 people. For larger groups and questions, we are at your disposal personally at or +43 1 405 12 10.